Why Shih Tzu displays aggressiveness


When a pet owner brings home a pet Shih Tzu, he or she would have previously read up a lot about this breed. That this breed of dog is gentle by nature, love to be pampered would have been the deciding factors to selecting this cute bundle of fur. History has on record that this breed of dog was prized in the Chinese royal houses for their soft and gentle behavior. This breed has been known to be gifts that the royal Chinese houses exchanged with each other. If therefore a Shih Tzu displays a nature akin to that of a hunting or guard dog, then the pet owner sure is in a quandary. How to handle the pet so that this untoward behavior is corrected?  It may hurt not only another human but hurt the pet itself in the process.

Some common reasons and remedies

Pets are doted upon the owner as also other occupants of the house. While pampering a dog is natural and nice, over doing it leads to problems. The dog gets into the mental notion that it is to have its way in every aspect of the house. The Shih Tzu as it is has a natural mental make up to be stubborn and independent by nature. Pampering him to extreme and fuelling this natural ego of the Shih Tzu in the house would naturally confuse the dog when it starts to be refused. Owners may find the Shih Tzu so cute that many of its faults as a pup would be overlooked. It is to be remembered that a pet dog is not a human and therefore needs to be necessarily rebuked when committing a mistake. Making the dog lie on same bed is another very common pampering of the dog that leads to confusion at a later stage of the Shih Tzu’s life thereby turning aggressive. The dog’s formative emotions must be molded as a pet dog and not mixed up with the human baby of the family.

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