What personality traits your Shih Tzu has

Very much comparable to human beings, a Shih Tzu would have a completely different set of personality trait than another. Exploring and identifying your pet Shish Tzu’s personality would be a fun and learning activity. Having spoken with some Shih Tzu pet owners about their personality, the findings prove to be very interesting.

One of the pet owner mentions about the Shih Tzu having an attitude. When the owner ever had to leave the pooch back home for some extended days of work, the attitude would show on return. The Shih Tzu would ignore the pet owner for quite some days after the return.  This pet owner also mentioned that the Shih Tzu did have a choice of which girl friends would be welcome into the house.

Another pet Shih Tzu mentions about their daughter shouting for their pet to do normal human exercise steps to reduce weight. The effect was magical and the pet did indeed lose weight.

Another Shih Tzu owner labels their pet as a Buddha who has mastered the art of Zen. This pet unlike other of the breed does not yap much even if other dogs in vicinity as at their barking best. The pooch loves to be cuddled and is very amenable to human requirements. The pet owner mentions about the quick time that it took for the pet to adapt to their lifestyle.

The other extreme was the pet Shih Tzu whom her owner declared to be Queen of San Francisco. It appears this particular pooch knew all the shops in her beat which doled out dog treats. Without any prodding she does pop into the shops and get her share of the treat. The owner also mentioned about how the pooch loved to pose for photographing. All in all, befitting a star personality.

Another Shih Tzu pet owner of this high personality trait pooch had lots of interesting experiences to share. Her pet pooch has been inseparable as she says. But the pooch is a well known character at the local park due her antics. The pooch even split the pee pad her owner had left for her while going out to office. This is a show of discontent at being left alone for so long. Then the other pooch of another owner. Has a strong attraction towards hair ties. Carrying it on her all over the house. Even cries till one that she has sighted is not given to her.

The loyalty factor of a Shih Tzu as well as the love that glows in their heart and eyes is well known. This was further confirmed by the owner who awarded the medal of funniest, craziest, sweetest dog to her Shih Tzu. This pooch comes up with a toy help in her mouth when asked to give a hug. Is ready to play anytime and never harms other smaller breed pets of the house.

A married couple describes the persistent personality that their pet Shih Tzu has. The pooch would make sure that all other activities of the couple are stopped when it is time for her to go to sleep.  In an experience, the pooch had chewed up her puppy pad when she found her blanket missing in her pen. The pooch gives very clear signal to her owners of her desires. When she needs to be taken out and the likes.

The prized pet feel of the house is also evident in many of the Shih Tzu’s personality trait. This one, as told by its owner, would make sure unknown guests are barked at right from their arrival to departure. She is pleasant with the visitors though but will satiate her curiosity for sure. This pooch is also very particular in not disturbing her owners. She barks in different amplitude depending on time of day. If the reason for her to bark is such that the owners are sleeping then the bark would be low. She also first ensures who has entered the house when left alone. Only after confirming it is her favorite house members does she start her dancing jig of welcome delight. She also loved being rubbed on her belly and takes all steps for not missing out any such opportunity.

Another quite elderly lady Shih Tzu pet owner narrated an incident of how she had to run screaming behind her pet in 2 inches of snow. All because her pooch has the personality of a savior against all things evil. The school bus passing before their house that day appeared to be the evil. The pooch gave chase breaking off her leash.

And finally the pooch who has an elaborate routine for going to bed at night. So religious in its routine, says the owner, that if stopped in any of the steps, she would start from step one again.

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