What is an emergency for a Shih Tzu?

Every pet owner and that includes a Shish Tzu owner would provide lot of love and care for the pet. Regularly exercising the pet, as well as visiting the vet for check-ups and vaccinations.  There would yet occur a situation where you as the loving Shih Tzu would feel apprehensive on your pet’s behavior. May be its movement or inactiveness, or some other signal be disturbing to your perception. Whether it needs an emergency immediate visit to a specialist or not is the biggest dilemma you as the owner would face. Here is a list that may provide some hint on whether the symptom being displayed by your Shih Tzu is serious or not.

Summer months have the chances of your Shih Tzu being effected by heath stroke.  Your pet would start to pant and the mouth would drool. Touch the pooch at its belly and if the body temperature appears to be unnaturally high, it is serious. Wrap the pet in a cloth damp with cool water. The Shih Tzu is a dog that cannot tolerate high temperature variations. Place the pet in a cool place and look for any bleeding in any area of the body. If the pooch ever shows symptoms of difficulty in breathing, that is a sure emergency to be taken to the vet at the earliest. While transporting your Shih Tzu, the cold compress can be continued.

Bleeding from mouth is another common emergency situation noted amongst Shih Tzu. Happens due ingestion of frog and requires fast anti poisoning medication. While taking the pooch to the vet the poison container must be taken along for administration in proper quantity by the vet.

Another very serious condition is reaction by way of allergy. Your Shih Tzu would secrete histamine if it is effected by any form of allergy. This histamine is fatal to the pet. Antihistamine drug need to be administered immediately. The same holds true for cases of your pooch vomiting with blood or yellow juices seen in the excretion.

Needless to say, every pet owner and specially so a Shih Tzu owner must have a vet in constant contact and close at hand.


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