Various of a Shih Tzu

While deciding on keeping a Shih Tzu as your pet dog, it would help you in your decision making if you become aware of its behavioral pattern, characteristics as well its temperaments. This in turn will help you striking the right chord while bonding with your pet and would help you to get to know it better.


A Shih Tzu is usually obedient and has a calm nature but it does have a mind of its own and it can really be an uphill of a task in understanding what your dog really likes or wants. For example, you may see you child trying to tempt it with a toy, but the pooch just won’t budge if it does not like the toy. Same case would be while taking it out for an exercise. If you exert it more than its interest and comfort level it would simply refuse to participate and ultimately run away. In case of Shih Tzu, this is the reason that it is best advised to keep its training and exercise sessions short and simple.

Trait of Loyalty

You can shower your Shih Tzu with its favorite food and toys but it is people that your pet would get attached to. A Shih Tzu is very loyal in nature and in no time you would see that it has grown attached with your kids, parents and you. With time this attachment will prove to be stronger.

Expectations of and from a Shih Tzu

Your pet would expect a friendly behavior and an affectionate environment from you. This surely would top its want-list. It does not seek a high-energy level sort of infrastructure but a caring and loving environment is all it needs. This trait in a Shih Tzu makes it a favorite among both children and seniors. Now a Shih Tzu cannot guard your home and neither can it accompany a search and rescue team nor can it herd a flock of sheep like some other breeds of dogs. So expecting such activities out of your Shih Tzu is foolishness. However, it can very well be a watchdog and can accompany your kids for an evening walk and can also guide them and the elders back on their way home. It can play with your family members to their hearts’ content, model for a stylish dog-show and provide you with ultimate entertainment. These are what they are known for.

The more you shower your Shih Tzu with your affection and your love, the greater you would receive from it, at times slowly but definitely.

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