Trimming your Shih Tzu hair

A Shih Tzu is indeed a most preferred breed for dog shows. However, that is not an all year round event. Also every Shih Tzu pet owner would not be indulging their pet in such events. Owners who like their pet participating in such dog shows may have to maintain long flowing hair of their Shih Tzu. Other pet owners may however trim their Shih Tzu to short hair. This has lots of advantages in the long run. For one, the Shih Tzu is known to be more indoor pets. High temperature does not suit them. Your pet could develop high body temperature during the hot seasons if the hair is kept long. Long hair also means associated skin allergy possibilities being higher. For these and many other associated reasons, it is best to keep your Shih Tzu cropped by hair.

A professional groomer is not essential or compulsory to go to for such a trimming of your Shih Tzu. Some helpful tips are listed for noting in case you wish to go the DIY way.

It is best to start hair trimming at an early in age of your pet. That way, your pet gets trained in accepting the hair trimming exercise. This eases, the efforts required for the trimming process.

A suitable place both to place your pet as well as yourself for the trimming must be selected. Best to do the trimming outdoors and having the pet placed on a high table while you sit on a chair.

Prior to commencing the trimming, the pooch should have been brushed down completely. No coil of hair is to remain on your pet at the end of the brushing.

The clipping tool must be selected with lot of consideration of what would be comfortable for your pet.

Start the trimming process from the eyes or ears and stop if your pet indicates any discomfort or nervousness.

Take care to use the clipper very carefully at those areas which your pet is sensitive to or have such organs.

Trim along the direction of the hair flow.

Trimming is done in a two stage process, where you would look up any leftover or missed out places.

A complete shampoo batch is called for, at the end of the trimming process. Then a rubbing with coconut oil post drying.

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