Treatment of cracked paws

Like we humans wear shoes and slippers to protect our feet and for providing us the necessary comfort while walking, it is the same with the dogs when it comes to their paw pads. Most dog owners fail to give necessary attention to their pets’ paws but believe it or not, paws are one of the most sensitive parts of your pooch’s body. The paw pads help in absorbing all sorts of shocks whenever the dog is walking or running, providing the necessary protection to the bones at its joints. However so, these pads are not saved from problems and one of the most common troubles these face is cracking, though they are not considered to be alarming.

If the paws feel rough and thick, then it is okay. Unlike the dogs which spend of their times indoors and have smooth and soft paw pads, when dogs rough it up outside, they usually develop thick paws which are prone to cracking. On cracking, you would observe blood coming out of the wound and at times your pet may suffer from occurrence of pain. Some dogs have great resistance and pain bearing power and if your dog happens to be one of them then your job becomes even more difficult as you would hardly understand whether your pet is suffering from cracking or not. But if it does show some sign, then you are to waste no time and get into quick action for the necessary treatment. You are to firstly cleanse your pooch’s paws with the help of cotton or gauze and then apply an antibacterial ointment or use some wound healing agents. You can wrap the cracked paw with a sock and tie it with a bandage tape on the ankles or the joints so that your dog does not have to limp while walking. As one knows, pads contain the sweat glands which help the dogs in letting out heat. It is very much advisable that the bandaged is regularly checked and replaced daily to prevent any sort of pus formation or some kind of secondary bacterial infection. This is the reason why one should avoid wrapping the affected paws in gauze and taping it since the continuous moisture from the sweat will make it real difficult for the bandage to stay in place. Pet booties which are available in the market can also be used for easing the discomfort faced by your pet while walking and one can also use balms to help it get relief from inflammation and pain. Mostly the healing process concludes in 10-14 days and after this your pet should be fit and fine again. If you do observe further bleeding or inflammation, then it is best to take your four legged pal to the veterinarian at once.

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