Treating Dry Skin on a Shih Tzu

The most common canine dermal illness is the dry skin conditions. No matter what the breed of the dog you may have you will surely notice dry skin on your pet. Dry skin is a frequent condition and it can cause various other skin conditions and even infections if not treated in time. The condition may gradually improve and may ultimately go away but in order to prevent this to happen, you must know what factors lead to this condition.

The specialty of the Shih Tzu breed is their long silky coat and is the reason of their beauty. The owners usually think that regular brushing leads to a mangle free coat and easy maintenance of their beauty. Yes it is true- brushing is important at least every alternate day. However if you brush your dog too often the protective oils secreted by the skin spreads too much and it diminishes and dilutes their functions. The protections lessens and it leads to dryness. Just remember- never to brush a dry coat on dry skin.

The hair at that condition remains brittle and is unprotected and frequent combing will remove the hair. The patches on the skin without hair are called alopecia. In case you observe alopecia in your pet then immediately check the skin of your dog and reduce the frequency of combing. Repeated bathing is another reason why your dog’s skin may be getting dry. You may love your pet’s great smelling coat when you are cuddling and playing with it, however you should know that the Shih Tzu need to bath only twice every three weeks. If not advised by the vet and it is taken care that they do not get dirty, then these pretty creatures require minimum bathing in a month.

You should also try the hypo allergic shampoos and conditioners and then leave on your dog. Always remember that you should NEVER EVR use human hair stuffs on your dog. Animals have different skin pH than us and the results may be disastrous. Some of the common reasons for the drying of skin near the elbow and chest may be the air born particles and allergies to certain foods. It is vital that you know the foods your dog is allergic to and just put a clean blanket under your dog where it rests.

However if skin drying gets worse and nothing works, then the best idea would be to consult a veterinarian consultant.

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