Toy Dog: Shih Tzu


The origin of this small bred Shih Tzu dog is to ancient China and Tibet. Shih Tzu as a pet comes with its own advantages – they are a creature with an extremely cute face, fluffy coat and also a rather small size. Shih Tzu is a member of the toy category group of dogs that measure 6-14 inches from the shoulder to paw and weigh in between 2-20 pounds (when they fully were grown). As far as size and weight are concerned the pugs comes somewhere close to the Pug, thus this particular breed is usually a larger type of toy breed. They have a long hairy body, short legs with long coats. The life span of this breed dogs is around 10 to 16 years. These make them the perfect choice for pets, especially for dog lovers. The way their hair grows, Shih Tzus are often called chrysanthemum dogs. Their owner can carry it along because of the small size of a Shih Tzu; also the pet can enjoy the company of the owner all the time and these creatures surely love it to be pampered.

Are they friendly enough?

These dogs are very friendly and do not harm their masters. They are very loyal, playful, spunky, active, affectionate, intelligent, gentle, friendly, happy and lively pet. These entire qualities make Shih Tzu is a family household pet. They don’t mind where they live, till the time they are with their owner. As they are small in size. Shih Tzu are lovable pets and can live anywhere but at home. These small pugs are heat sensible and cannot bear extreme heat. Other small doggies with hairy body of this breed are also sensitive to heat. They are cute and need to stay under shelter. Although they are naturally friendly, pugs should be trained early socialisation. Shih Tzu likes learning and can be a handful to train. They love clowning around the house or curling up on a lap. They are good in obedience classes and can do great at agility. They are alert, vigilant and will reliably bark when someone approaches his house. Shih Tzu have a great sense of hearing which allows them to alert their master if anything specious or unique they hear. All dos have their own unique bark. The pugs of this breed enjoy running and jumping.  Also they love to enjoy a short walk in pleasant weather.


A few chunks of apple or pear make a tasty and healthy. Other healthy food includes a few pieces of grapefruit or a couple of orange slices. Some banana slices or pieces of melon are also good choices.


Shih Tzu is beautiful and free of mats and skin problems often require regular professional grooming as well as daily combing at home. These pugs will go through specific shedding times based on the season, the weather and his living conditions too. Some Shih Tzu sheds their hair once a year, in the very early spring as a response to the warming weather and less notably in the autumn to get ready for the winter coat.

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