Tongue out Shih Tzu

This breed of the canine species has been near unanimously rated as the cutest of them all. When they stick their tongue out and gaze at the human in front with eyes shining between their hairy brows, a feeling of fondness automatically covers the participating human.

The reason why canines hang their tongue out is to normalize their body temperature with that of the surrounding. Canines have no sweat glands and therefore nature’s method for them to let off the heat in their body is through the tongue. While it is very natural to see a pet dog with its tongue hanging out, the owner must also take note that at times the dog is able to close its mouth with the tongue completely in. dogs are known to have some neurological ailment which could lead to a condition where the dog is unable to take its tongue in. termed Hanging Tongue Syndrome, the condition for some reason has been noted to be more amongst the Shih Tzu breed. Dogs on their own adapt to this situation where their tongue does not roll in. it is however the pet owners responsibility to note the condition and approach a veterinary to assess. Depending on the condition the vet may suggest removing a portion of the tongue surgically. Otherwise the vet would advise methods to be taken for ensuring the tongue does not get infected else hurt.

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