The Vet for my Pet

The adorable pet in the home breathes life in the household. Playful and lively the pet’s antics keep the entire household hail hearty. If and when the pet ever falls ill, no one in the house hold would be able to disconnect from the feeling of gloom. Prevention is better than cure cannot be better applied and explained that in the case of pet health care. Unable to explain its own condition, it is but the sole responsibility of the pet owner and other house hold members to be well aware of the traits of the pet. While it is essential for calling a vet at the first suspicion of the pet straying from its natural daily activity, the correct vet is to be known for the calling. Calling up on any available local vet is not the recommended method. When all is fine, a suitable vet should have already been decided upon and contacted. A new pet owner and many old time pet owners would like to know then how best to judge the best vet for their pet.

Points to bear in mind while selecting a vet

Location of the vet and proximity to the pet owner’s house would naturally be of paramount interest.  While in the case of a human ailment it may be possible to consult a doctor through the various online digital processes, it cannot be done so in case of the pet. Unspoken are the suffering of the pet, that only a physical look and touch by the vet can disclose the cause and remedy thereafter. When the pet is healthy and happy too, the owner may visit the vet off and on just to update and consult the vet on the pet’s latest progress. This process acts as a preventive step to stop an emergency situation developing. It also helps in quicker diagnosis process by the vet if and when there is such a requirement.

Record keeping process at the clinic

Meticulousness in the treatment process of a pet is no different and no less important than that in case of a household member. The veterinary clinic that the vet would be serving from must have adequate and up-to-date infrastructure for such record keeping of history of the pet’s health. Not only the data during regular checkups and immunization visits, but also be having process to retain details of a pets visit related to some ailment.

 Well stocked pharmacy

A vet, who is serving from a clinic that has a well stocked pharmacy, means the pet owner would not have to face panic situation to obtain the prescribed medication for the pet.

Judging the vet

While the knowledge base of the vet cannot be judged by a pet owner per se, what can be checked for is if the vet attends related medical conferences. It would give a fair indication that the vet is up-to-date on current progress in veterinary practices. Talking with the vet and feeling at ease by the pet owner is another bottom line that has to be considered when deciding the vet is perfect for your pet.


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