The Shih Tzu Dog: For those Who loves Pet

The Shih-tzu dog is a domestic animal and is a member of canis as domestic dogs comes in this category. This dog breed is a toy dog breed which has very friendly and sweet nature and can be a great companion. This sweet fury animal is built with solid and sound structure. It is generally originated from China and known as royalty bred. Among other dogs it is considered as prince because of its royalty bred. It is a playful and mischievous dog with a loving and caring nature. This cute little fluffy animal tends to win the heart of all people.

History and nature

It is an ancient dog which is known to come from a royalty bred. It is said that it is originated in Tibet and then been developed in china. Whereas, some say that it is generally originated in china. Though its name ‘Shih tzu’ comes from a Chinese language known as ‘little lion’. As it is said to be originated in china it has also given the name as ‘lion dog’. As dogs were the favorites of Chinese royals Shih tzu became the royal dog. It is a royalty bred animal which is known as the prince among other dogs. It is also called prince because it appears royal while making striders that are effortless and smooth. It has great reach and drive which looks cute.

Though it has a friendly and loving nature it is also known for its stubbornness. It is very affectionate animal which like to express it affectionate. It like to cuddle on people lap and snuggle on cushions. It is also friendly with stranger if socialized with kind and friendly manner as it is important to develop trusting temperament. Over all it has friendly easy going and friendly nature.

Social needs

As you can see there are a lot of animal which do not mind being alone such as hunter dogs or guard dogs but Shih tzu is a very affectionate animal which likes to follow people around. It has also a very mischievous nature like it you are not paying attention to it will steal your shoes so that you chase after them and play with them. It is a small bundle of energy fur ball which like to cuddle with people and snuggle on cushions. If given a toy it can easily entertain themselves by playing with it.

Important Points

It is a very calm animal with will quietly follow you around and would not disturb you. Like if you are doing some work he will sit by and watch in solidarity or if you are watching a TV he will watch it with you or if you are going to sleep it will cuddle with you and snooze along with you. It is known as vivacious little clown which has a confident and may have little bit too much self-importance. It is a loving and an entertaining animal which shower people with its affectionate.

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