The Prapso Shih Tzu

Prapso is a sub class in the Shih Tzu breed of dogs that comes with a shorter coat than what the normal Shih Tzu comes with. The long flowing coat that is a Shih Tzu’s mark, owners pride and neighbors envy. It is also a trait that makes the Shih Tzu a high maintenance pet. There is a constant need to groom the mane of your Shish Tzu. It is not only to ensure the beauty looks of your pet, but also to keep your pet healthy. Dog lovers who wish to own a Shih Tzu but do not have the time for grooming their pet go for this Prapso breed.

Prapso breed is labeled though as a genetically defective Shih Tzu. The pet owner would have to ensure that the pet is neutered so that further breeding does not take place.  Only after this has been done would the owner be given the official papers of the pet.  There are however breeders who yet go ahead and breed Prapso. There are few advantages that can be listed for the Prapso and the reason why pet lovers would like them over the normal Shih Tzu.

It is from the fourth or fifth month of the life of Shi Tzu that the genetic disorder starts to play up. The mane stops growing. There are no other visible medical associated with this breed. They however have been found to mature faster than the normal Shih Tzu. They display more dominant characteristics and intelligence too is higher. Prapso therefore becomes easier to train.

Dog lovers who do not wish to keep a Shih Tzu must go for the Prapso, as the only issue would be in registering the pet for breeding.

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