The Multipurpose Dog

The shih-tzu dog is a domestic animal and is a member of canis as domestic dogs comes in this category. The dogs are known as human best friend as they help us in many ways like protection, pulling loads, hunting, assisting police, herding, etc. and shih-tzu are friendly and loving animal as it is a dog breed which is toy like. A dog is a very faithful and loving animal which understand human language very easily and comply the order of their owner. This sweet fury animal is built with solid and sound structure. This cute little fluffy animal tends to win the heart of all people.

Appearance and nature

It is cute dog with snuggly built whose body is longer than its height. This beautiful dog has double layered, full, dense and lush hair which are soft and silky that covered their body. The friendliness and trustworthiness of these pets can be accounted due to wide eyes, innocent expressions which are adorable. It has drop and long ears with a cute button like muzzle. It tail is heavily coated in fur which are usually curled on their back. Some times their fur are so long that they the floor while they are standing and it is needed to be trimmed for neatness and simplify care.

It is a cute and loving animal with strong built which has an aristocratic demeanor and a stubborn steak. It is a loving and an entertaining animal which shower people with its affectionate. It like to cuddle in the lap and snuggle on the pillow. It has also a very mischievous nature like it you are not paying attention to it will steal your shoes so that you chase after them and play with them. Shih tzu is a very caring an gentle dog which be a good friends for the children to play with it or to cuddle.

Health and care

Though dogs are known to be our best friend and companion they also need that much love and affection to return the favour to us. It training can be good if you relay on consistency, food reward and praises. It need proper grooming as it has very long, soft and silky hair which grows very fast and touched the floor if not groomed regularly it can become a matted mess. They just need a limited amount exercise which can be easily done in the back yard of even in the house.

Important facts

The dogs are known as man best friend because of their easy going and friendly nature through which they win a human heart. A dog is a very faithful and loving animal which understand human language very easily and comply the order of their owner. Shih tzu need a little exercise and are easily adaptable in any place. It is an easily lovable dog which are generally adored by the children because it likes to cuddle and it follow them around the house and has an adorable fluffy and adorable look.

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