The Little Lion that can be Tamed

Shih tzu dog is a fluffy dog which comes under the toy dog breed and its name is pronounced as SHEED-Zoo. It is generally originated from China and known as royalty bred. This dog is not use for hunting or guarding they are generally use for the companion ship they provide. Although with proper training they can learn many things such as how to obey order, to guard the house and to behave. The most difficult training for them can be to break in a house but with proper guide and training it can be also accomplished. This is sweet dog which like to follow people around.

Appearance and nature

This beautiful dog has double layered, full, dense and lush hair which are soft and silky that covered their body. The friendliness and trustworthiness of these pets can be accounted due to wide eyes, innocent expressions which are adorable. It has a small and cute muzzle and flat and long ears which are covered in thick fur. It give an innocent and cute look with its friendly nature. It like to cuddle in the lap and snuggle on the pillow. It is one of the sweetest and popular toy breed. It is most popular for its small size, sweet nature, flowing coat, and intelligent mind.

Trainability and care

Shih tzu is popularly known for its intelligent mind and for its adaptive nature. Now-a-days people like to send their dog training for proper obedience and ability training.  Some dogs do not like to learn or to be trained and can take a long time in learning. Whereas, Shih tzu like to learn and in little time it adapt everything. It is a not a guard dog but with proper training it can be made as a proper guard dog. When there is someone on the door the alert the owner immediately through barking. The most difficult training for it can be house breaking.

Shih tzu is a very sweet, friendly and a loving dog which need a proper care and affection. It training can be good if you relay on consistency, food reward and praises. It is show a lot of affectionate towards the owner and is very good and gentle with the children. Day to day it need proper grooming as it has very long, soft and silky hair which grows very fast and if not groomed regularly it can become a matted mess.

Important points

It is an easy going animal which can easily adapt to the living arrangement you provide. It is a calm and friendly dog which does not create any trouble and can easily adjust. It has an aristocratic demeanor, a stubborn streak and walk with grace. It is a very cute dogs that even if get in trouble it is easily forgive. When it is treated with kindness it shower you with love and affectionate. It is fluffy and cute animal which is generally loved by all person whether it is a child or a grown up adult.

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