The journey of growth of your Shih Tzu from puppyhood to adulthood

Taking care and nurturing your pet Shih Tzu can very well be equal that of taking care of your kid. Like you are with your kid, with your pooch too you have to equally loving, caring are careful so that it grows into a wonderful dog. Although the task might seem to be a daunting one, if you have your family members around who are willing to offer helping hands in this amazing journey, this can be one hell of a joyous ride, seeing your pup grow day by day. Few of the basic elements which you have to keep in your mind while taking care of your Shih Tzu are explained below.

Body Cleansing

This might require immense patience and perseverance on your part as your pooch might not be willing to stay in one place and loiter here and there while you try your best to clean its body. But if you continue your endeavor with affection your Shih Tzu is bound to get used it and co-operate. It is advisable to always use quality ear-cleaners which one can easily buy from the pet-accessories stores. If you face any difficulty in getting the job done, as most of the first-time pet owners do face trouble in the body cleaning routine of their pets, you can easily ask the vet or the breeder as to how it is done and then you can slowly get a hang of it. But make sure cotton-swabs of soft texture are used for ear-cleaning. Where eyes are concerned, a pet-eye care lotion can be very helpful and also, cutting and trimming your Shih Tzu’s hair regularly is also highly recommended. Clip the toe nails with the help of clippers and also make sure to massage the toe nails. Keep in mind that the teeth of your pooch should be cleaned with a tooth brush and a paste which are meant for dogs and not a humans’ tooth paste.

Bathing and Brushing your Shih Tzu

It is best preferred to keep a small tub for your pooch to bathe in and one can browse through the number of options available online for using soaps, lotions, creams and other hair and skin products while you give your pooch a bath. As per the experts’ opinion, it is best to give your Shih Tzu a bath at least once in two weeks. If you give it a bath on daily basis, the natural oil that the body of your pet produces and covers her body including hair, would dry out and this might result in skin irritation problems. It is best suited to use a towel to dry its body after a bath instead of a dryer as it helps in retaining the natural oil content. Brushing is also very important and the brushing should go to the deepest layer of its skin. If you come across knots, make sure to disentangle them with your hands and you can also use a gentle conditioner for your Shih Tzu’s hair in avoiding dryness. It is always advisable that you brush your pet towards the direction of hair growth rather than against it.

These simplest of the methods can actually work wonders in the development of your Shih Tzu from a cute little puppy to a wonderful adult dog.

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