The Imperial and Tea Cup Shih Tzu

The small size is the main quality of the Shih Tzu breed. Apart from the fact that they can be easily carried around by their owners, their miniature size also contributes to the cute facial features of the dog. It is because of their extreme cuteness factor and their size and furriness, the Shih Tzu is a hot favourite when the topic of toy dog comes. There are commonly heard terms such as imperial and tea cup Shih Tzu. However few knows that both of them are quite very much like the common sized Shih Tzu. These are the same dog- there is no difference at all. So you need to remember that when you say Tea Cup or Imperial Shih Tzu- it basically signifies the general Shih Tzu breed.

As per the breed standard by the American Kennel Club a Shih Tzu is usually of 9-16 pounds of weight. In case the weight of the Shih Tzu is lighter than 9 pounds then you can be sure that it is a tea cup or imperial Shih Tzu. These animals are just as healthy as the usual Shih Tzu, just that they are much smaller. You should also know that you can register them even if they do not qualify in the set of standard breed standard. In case you plan to get yourself a tea cup or imperial Shih Tzu, remember that they usually have a weight between 6-8 pounds when fully grown. However if the Shih Tzu weighs less than 5 pounds then it is not healthy and there may be issues with the dog.

To be on the safer side, take your new pet to the vet to have a thorough checkup on its health. Low levels of calcium in blood is the most common issues among smaller dogs. They may have other bone issues and hypocalcemia as well. If the vet suggests then you need to provide your fluffy companion some calcium supplements as well. You should take note that these small dogs are quite sensitive to temperature fluctuations. Thus you need to provide a space for playing and sleeping for your puppy where it will be comfortable. In case of temperature fluctuations outside, do not leave the pet outside. Exercise extreme caution while leaving tea cup Shih Tzu with larger dogs as they may get crushed.

The tea cup Shih Tzu or Imperial Shih Tzu are not some new breed of dogs. They are members of the usual Shih Tzu family- just they are smaller. They are just true a member of the family as any other Shih Tzu in the world.

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