The Home Alone Shih Tzu

We all love our pets and they form an inseparable part in our lives but there are times when are forced to go out to perform our worldly activities and these loved creatures are left behind. The Shih Tzu is usually an active and energetic breed of dogs. These are not as active and physically charged up like the sports dog or the hunting dogs but they are mentally alert and need something to focus their attention on. They pee if they get stressed out during the owner’s absence. You need to remember that these dogs are pretty much dependent on their owners and ideally you should wait for them to attain at least 6 months before you leave them home alone.

Before you leave your Shih Tzu, just ensure that you have got him all trained for your daily schedule of leaving for work and coming home. It is extremely crucial that the Shih Tzu is habituated to its daily habits like- walking, playing, feeding and pooping time. Due to their extremely exquisite and long coat they cannot bear drastic weather changes and so they should not be left home along for long.  They should ideally be placed in a rather closed area with adjustable baby gates and preferably at the corners of the house. You should be careful enough to provide the Shih Tzu enough space for his bowl, for his peeing and pooping, a place to keep his toys and a place for it to sleep.

Before you leave your dog home alone, take your Shih Tzu for a walk and let it pop or pee. Thus there will be no anxiety when you leave it alone inside the house. Give it some kisses and hugs so that the Shih Tzu do not suffer from separation anxiety, a toy also helps. Do not do this just when you are about to leave but a while before leaving. Never say “goodbye”, it will signify something that is not good. When you return back open the door calmly, pat the Shih Tzu on the head and deal with your business as usual. Stay casual and give your dog 10-15 minutes before you start showering it with hugs and kisses. Just handle your departure and arrival in a calm way, this will avoid over excitement and your Shih Tzu will not suffer from separation anxiety.

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