The cutest Dog available in the Market

The Shih tzu dog is a breed which appears as a toy ans is also known as royalty bred and known as the prince among all dogs. It is famous for its friendly and easy going nature and cute fluffy look. This dog is known to be one of the most ancient breed in existence. Scientifically it can be called as chrysanthemum dog. Shih tzu is also known as lion dog and in its meaning is ‘mini lion’ or ‘little lion’. It is a small dog with strong and solid built with friendly and mischievous nature. This dog is generally originated from China and is also known as Tibetan Lion Dog.

Facts about it

It can easily adapt itself according to the surrounding, whether it’s a large house or a small apartment. It is an easy going animal which loves to play in the yard or around the house another than that it doesn’t need a lot of exercise. Shih tzu are very affectionate dog with loving and friendly nature and loves to be in a presence of people. It is known as lion dog but there is nothing fierce about this dog is a very they are very obedient and more like in your-lap-kind of dogs.

It like to cuddle in the lap and snuggle on the pillow. It has also a very mischievous nature like it you are not paying attention to it will steal your shoes so that you chase after them and play with them. It is known as little clown which is vivacious and has a confident and may have little bit too much self-importance. It has very calm and loving nature and because of this it is not dangerous to keep around kids or let them play with it and generally it is adored by children and even by some adult.


It is an ancient dog which is known to come from a royalty bred which is known to be originated in china. Its name ‘shih tzu’ comes from a Chinese language which in English is known as ‘little lion’ or ‘mini lion’. It is a royalty bred animal which is known as the prince among other dogs. It most welly known and famous of its intelligent mind and its ability to learn. It is loving and friendly in nature but still has a stubborn streak in them. It has a royal appearance which walks with elegance.


Though dogs are known to be our best friend and companion they also need that much love and affection to return the favour to us. They generally like to play around, dig holes and some mischievous to gain their owner attention. Shih tzu is a very caring an gentle dog which be a good friends for the children to play with it or to cuddle. It has a cute and friendly nature and its like to follow people around the house or wherever you go to play with you or to chase after you.

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