The Best Pet to live with

Scientifically, Shih tzu dog are known to be one of the most ancient breed in existence and their scientific name is chrysanthemum dog. This dog is generally originated from China and is also known as Tibetan Lion Dog. Shih tzu are the toy dog breed dog which are best known for their friendly and mischievous nature. Among other dogs it is considered as prince because of its royalty as it is known to be from royalty breed. Its name is pronounced as SHEED-Zoo which means ‘lion dog’ or little lion’. This cute little fluffy animal always win the heart of all people.

Traits and appearance

Shih tzu are dogs with double coted fur which has a solid, strong and sturdy built. It has a short muzzle with a large dark eyes. The friendliness and trustworthiness of these pets can be accounted due to wide eyes, innocent expressions which are adorable. They have longer body length compare to the height which is neither too short nor too long. In male dog the height stands from 9 to 11 inch with weight 5 to 9 kilograms. Whereas in female dog the height stands from 8 to 10 inch with weight approximately 4.53 to 8.16 kilograms.

It has the fur which is full, dense and lush, soft and silky that is double coated. There are varieties of colour in this breed such as white and gold, white and red, Golden with black mask, solid red, white and black, Black In solid, liver in solid, white and liver, white and blue, white and brindle, white and silver etc.. It carry itself with proud, arrogant bearing with a happy, an aristocratic demeanor and a stubborn steak. It is most popular for its compact size, flowing fur like coat, has a mind which is very proactive. It is a sweet and cute dog loved by all.


Shih tzu are very sweet, friendly and a loving dog which can be trained into obedience with proper care and guidance. It can be made as a proper guard dog by training. When there is someone on the door the alert the owner immediately through barking. The most difficult training for it can be house breaking. It is not so high level energy dogs it has generally a calm and gentle nature. They just need a limited amount exercise which can be easily done in the back yard of even in the house.

Important facts

The dogs are known as man best friend because they understand our emotion very well even better than any human being and in our worst time they will try to cheer you by making puppy like face or by playfully yapping at you. They provide us with best friendship which no other person can provide. They became our protector when they sense danger and protect us with their life. They have a cute and friendly nature and like to follow people around the house or wherever you go to play with you or that they chase you around the yard or house.


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