Styling your Shih Tzu

The hair soft and silky that a Shih Tzu bears is not only what makes the Shih Tzu look regal, but also an owner’s pride. To style your Shih Tzu as it grows inot an adult pet, the natural element is this hair to be used.

It is not just to convert your Shih Tzu into an object of neighbor’s envy that upkeep and styling its heir is necessary. If not maintained meticulously, unkempt hair is the most common cause for ill health of your Shi Tzu. So, while managing the hair, why not style it such that it adds that extra zing to the cuteness of your Shih Tzu?

Some suggested styling process is mentioned for checking out.

Summer Cut

As the name of the style suggests, this is best for tropical regions or where the temperatures are expected to touch high levels. A simple clipping of the hair to a level of 2 0r 2 1/2 inches is all that this hair style entails. In the process your Shih Tzu would remain cool. Also the style allows for giving easy bath to your Shih Tzu, quick drying and then a refreshing brush down.

A variant in this style is that the tuft of hair at the top of the head is not trimmed. It is rather gathered into a tuft and then styled separately. The cut is also most suitable if you have to take your pet Shih Tzu for a party.

Show-Cut with Top Knot

For professional dog shows, this is one style that gets accolades from the judge panel. The hair is left in its natural flowing state. A top knot with a ribbon tied on top makes for your Shih Tzu to stand out distinct. On the physical advantages that this styling provides are to keep your bet warm.


Small age children in the house would always want to have a cuddly teddy bear. The Shih
Tzu styles with its hair done up in this style would provide just the effect that would have children jump in glee.

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