Space for your Shih Tzu

A Shih Tzu uses all her natural charm to win over the mind of every member of her adopted family. They succeed in this task very easily and thereafter they take over the routine and living style of the house and its members. To ensure that this invasion does not happen, it is best to earmark separate space in the house for your Shih Tzu. This space must hold all the belonging of your Shih Tzu. It is therefore necessary that when purchasing a new item for your Shih Tzu, place for its keeping must be planned before.

Somme guidelines and reminders that can be noted for getting an organized space for your Shih Tzu are listed.

Shih Tzu like all dogs, do have a special taste bead. Dog food and treats are something you would be using to train your Shih Tzu also. These are used as indicators to your Shih Tzu as prize for good job done.  Keeping all these important food articles at one place would be useful and handy. When going out shopping, you would have to look up just this one space to make a list of what else is to be purchased. Make sure that all food and treats are stored in airtight containers, so they don’t get spoilt.

Medication that is used on the Shih Tzu would in time build up to quite a variety and quantity. De-cluttering the space earmarked for their medication is a necessity. Also , grouping the medication based on their usage frequency and other such related factors is also recommended.

A Shih Tzu has been classified as an exotic breed which needs special grooming. It capable of attending special events and winning accolades and prizes. This means there would be lots of grooming gear being brought into the house. Sprays, combs m brushes etc are just some of the examples. These too need to be grouped in an itemized manner for easy access when required.

Shih Tzu are also dressed for the occasion. They look much more attractive when dressed in thei miniature doggy dresses. Once again with time the number of such dress pieces would have increased to an extent. Grouping and classifying them under similar size and design would hell I quick selection when the time is reqd.

With the bust even schedule that your Shih Tzu maybe attending, a calendar becomes mandatory to mark the important dates.

Medical records of yorur Shih Tzu is another very important and even life savng data. These records must be kept safe and in an ordered manner.

Other doggy items like the leashes must be kept handy. Dog toys are also very important and most recommended that they are kept in  a separate container.


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