Shih Tzu the prize dog

Any canine show would sure prove that the participant though is a canine; it is the owner or breeder whose face depicts pride and pleasure. The efforts that these people put in to make their pet look the best is notable. While there are many canine breeds that owners like to prepare for such a show, the Shih Tzu carries the crown on its head in most shows. The reason why this breed has a marked edge over other breeds is its natural hair which provides it a regale touch.

Preparing a Shih Tzu for the show

The most important factor of the Shih Tzu as mentioned is its natural coat of hair. Keeping that in its flowing shiny state makes the canine stand out in the pack. The use of virgin coconut oil religiously and regularly by the owner on the Shih Tzu pet is key to retaining the flowing glowing texture of the hair. Owners even use tissue paper to be wrapped around the pet after application of the oil. This ensures the oil is well soaked into the skin of the pet. Coconut oil has similar medicinal and rejuvenating effect on the human skin also. However just before the show, this oil needs to be removed to give the flowing fluffy look. Other important factor to look at is the whisker of the dog. It should be so maintained that the sun reflects off the whisker. Boracic acid is known to give the desired effect on the dog’s whisker. Applying a coat conditioner on the whisker at the end of boracic acid application adds luster. Topknot is the liner about the eyes of the Shih Tzu that accentuates its eyes even more. The icing of the cake is a pretty ribbon tied atop the Shih Tzu’s head.

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