Shih Tzu – The Adorable Ones

The shih-tzu dog is a domestic animal and is a member of canis as domestic dogs comes in this category. Scientifically it is also known as chrysanthemum dog. The dogs are known as human best friend as they help us in many ways like protection, pulling loads, hunting, assisting police, herding, etc. and shih-tzu is a friendly and loving animal as it is a toy dog breed. This breed is known to be originated in china known for its affectionate and companion ship towards their owner as it like cuddle and snuggle into its owner. It possess a happy, cute and sweet natured temper and is also friendly to strangers through socializing.


Shih tzu is small dog with double coted fur which has a strong and sturdy built. It has a short muzzle with a large dark eyes. It has large dark eyes because their eye partially covered through their soft and long double coated fur which help them to see easily. It has drop ears covered in its long fur which can easily hide their ears. It tail is heavily coated in fur which are usually curled on their back. Some times their fur are so long that they the floor while they are standing and it is needed to be trimmed for neatness and simplify care. It carry itself with proud, arrogant bearing with a happy and cute demeanor. Over all it is a cute and loving animal with strong built which has an aristocratic demeanor and a stubborn steak.

Breed characteristic                                                                                          

Shih tzu adaptability is very good. It can easily adapt itself according to the surrounding, whether it’s a large house or a small apartment. As it has all the quality such as quiet and friendly nature and can be fairly calm indoor exercise which can be as an apartment dog.

It is an easy going animal which loves to play in the yard or around the house another than that it doesn’t need a lot of exercise. It doesn’t have a good tolerance in being alone. They like to be in a presence of human because it is a lover of comfort and affection and like to cuddle on the lap and snuggle in the pillow. It nature is to stay away from trouble and even if it gets into trouble it obeys easily to the command given by the owner.

Keep in mind

The dogs are known as man best friend because of their easy going and friendly nature through which they win a human heart. They can be a best companion you ever need. They understand human nature very easily. The shih tzu dog can be a very good friend for smaller kids to play as it like to play in the yards and to cuddle or snuggle with it. It is a cute and friendly dog with like to follow you around the house or wherever you go. And it has friendly nature with other animal also such as cats and other dogs.

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