Shih Tzu Size

Having a Shih Tzu as pet comes with its own advantages – you have a creature with an extremely cute face, fluffy coat and also a rather small size. These make them the perfect choice for pets. The small size of a Shih Tzu allows the owner to carry it along and the pet can enjoy the company of the owner all the time and these creatures surely love it. The Shih Tzu is a member of the toy category group of dogs that measure 6-14 inches from the shoulder to paw and weigh in between 2-20 pounds. So there are various questions like how big a Shih Tzu can be? What small size can they be of? There are a lot of questions about the standards that measure up a Shih Tzu, if at all there is one.

As per the usual guidelines defined by the American Kennel Club, a Shih Tzu can weigh between 9-16 pounds and attain a height from 8 inches to 11 inches. But it is worth noting that if your Shih Tzu does not conform to the standard set by the Club that does not mean your pet is not a pure breed. You can still get your Shih Tzu registered but you pet won’t be allowed to enter conformation events where the breed standards are the main criteria for selection and judgement. There are other toy breeds that includes the Pomeranian, Chihuahua, Pug, Yorkshire terrier and Maltese. Looking at them the Chihuahua is the smallest and Pug is the biggest. As far as size and weight is concerned the Shih Tzu comes somewhere close to the Pug, thus this particular breed is usually a larger type of toy breed. The Maltese, Pomeranian and Yorkshire terrier are usually the same in size and are muss less sturdy and stocky than the Shih Tzu which is usually much fuller looking than the other toy breeds and is rarely sleek or slim. The fastest growth is seen during the 4th-6th month.

If you Shih Tzu is not conforming to the breed standards due to bigger size then it is either obese or it has naturally larger bones. In a group you can usually find a one which are bigger than the average size of the others. They may or may not be at the best of their health so it is essential that you take them around to the vet for checkup. In case your pet is suffering from obesity, the best way to slim them down is to slowly increase the exercise and maintain a strict diet plan. You should follow a routine but should not make sudden changes in the physical activity of the dog. You should keep in mind that an overweight and larger Shih Tzu is more prone to respiratory and cardiac problems.

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