Shih Tzu Shedding

It is quite common for a Shih Tzu to shed. They usually do not shed heavily but their hairs do change from time to time and get replaced. It is true that this is not a big headache for you as an owner but you must get to know about different shedding that is applicable to the Shih Tzus. These cute and cuddly breed of dog have furs just on their faces and have hair just like us on the remaining parts. Usually the hair is longer than fur and also thinner. The fur seems a lot fluffier and it can grow up to 2 inches maximum and then it breaks. No matter if it is hair or fur, these are shed so that new growth can take place on its place. Usually during the catagen phase of hair growth, there is a transition phase between the phase of rest and active growth. In case a hair is unable to bear the stress I this phase, then it usually gets shed.

It is usually during the spring or fall, i.e. twice a year that a Shih Tzu will shed. Since longer hairs are not the ones which are shed so the owners often tend to overlook the shedding. It is always the shorter hairs that are shed during the shedding season. This is the reason behind the requirement of regular grooming and combing for the Shih Tzu breed. This is not only for the aesthetic purpose but also for the removal of the short and thin hairs. In case they remain with the Shih Tzu coat then they get entangled with the longer hairs and then the distressing knots and mats get created. In case there is no air circulation, the skin runs the danger of getting dried up or even infected. If the Shih Tzu scratches the tangled hair area, then it may also remove the area along with the uppermost skin covering and pus will be formed.

The Shih Tzu pups start to shed the lighter and fluffier baby coat compared to the adult coat as early as 3 months to about 9 months. This period lasts around 3 months so in case your puppy is of this age you should be prepared to see some shed hair everywhere – on your doormats, clothes, bed and carpet etc. The pregnant bitches also shed a lot of hair due to changes it her hormones. However it is no big reason to get worried as after parturition and during the lactating stage of the puppies the hair growth becomes normal.

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