Shih Tzu Dogs – The Most Special Breed of Dogs

Dogs are one of the loveliest species created by god after humans. They possess all the qualities in them which make them a special part of human life. Especially when you talk about the Shih Tzu dog breed you just can’t get over them once you have them in your house. The cute face they have makes you get attracted towards them to the fullest.  This breed of dogs is very rare and is way different from those ordinary dog breeds. They have all the qualities of the general dog breed but no other breed can beat them in cuteness.

Major qualities of Shih Tzu dogs

  • Friendly: As we all know dogs are friendly in nature but Shih Tzu dogs are the special dogs which gets attached to you in very short time. The more you care for them the more they will love you. The efforts shown by them are a lot more than those other breed of dogs. Also, they are very much loyal to the owner and they can never betray them. It is said that if treated properly dogs will never hurt your feelings and Shih Tzu dogs have proved it over many years.
  • Cute face: Unlike other dogs having a wild face Shih Tzu dogs are the once having the cute face of them all. The have a hairy face which makes them look cute. Their faces are so cute that once you see it you can’t get the eyes of them quickly. In whatever mood you are once you there face your mood will automatically lift up and there will be a smile on your face.
  • Small size: These breed of dogs have a very small size. You don’t need to build a personnel space to keep them in your house. Also, small size makes it very comfortable to lift them and to take them wherever you want to. Small size also makes it comfortable to them to the park and you don’t need any effort to hold them.
  • Soft voice: Shih Tzu dogs have a soft voice which pleases your ears. Unlike other breed of dogs, when they bark you feel irritated sometimes. But the bark of Shih Tzu dogs are very special and you will surly get attracted listening to it.
  • Attractive look: Having Shih Tzu dog at your home will surly attract the guests coming to your house. As they have a very attractive look. Also they are called little lions sometimes because there body is shaped in a way that seeing them it feels like you are seeing a small lion.

These qualities of Shih Tzu dogs make it different from the other entire breed available in the market, other that this they have very soft fur which makes playing with them even more interesting. This makes this breed a must to look out if you are thinking of buying a dog.  You will never regret once you have this in your house.

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