Shih Tzu Dog – The best Watchdogs

Today dogs are very common as pet in almost every house for different purposes. Some dog use for hunting, some for guarding and some simply for companion ship. The Shih tzu comes in toy dog breed which has very friendly and sweet nature and can be a great companion. This breed dog are generally gifted to the children as they love its friendly nature and its cuddling and snuggling nature. It is a very loving dog with cute puppy like face which can make any person in love with it. This dog is generally originated from china and are known as Tibetan Lion Dog. It is a very fluffy dog.

Trend and nature

It is cute dog with snuggly built whose body is longer than its height. It is domestic and faithful animal which are peaceful with other animal. They are also called as chrysanthemum dogs because of the way their hair grows in all direction. Their height varies from 9 to 11 inch it weight is around 4 to 8 kilograms. Though Shih tzu is known as lion dog but there is nothing fierce about this dog is a very they are very obedient and more like in your-lap-kind of dogs. There are varieties of colour in this breed such as white and gold, white and red, Golden with black mask, solid red, white and black, Black In solid, liver in solid, white and liver, white and blue, white and brindle, white and silver etc.

Exercise needs

Shih tzu is not so high level energy dogs it has generally a calm nature. As high level energy dogs get exited very easily and start barking, yapping and demand you to take them outside for exercise and making them calm down can be very tiring. Whereas as shih tzu are less demanding and less yapping ever from other toy breed dogs. They just need a limited amount exercise which can be easily done in the back yard of even in the house.

They are not vigorous in nature. They are many dogs which need leash to strain them because they try to plow through obstacles and when they eats they create a lot of mess. Where are Shih tzu are very friendly in nature and fast learner which has a lot of manner. It has a potential playfulness with little bit of mischievous in them. They are playful in nature but if you don’t want to play they don’t create any trouble and obeys the order.

Facts about dogs

Dogs are very friendly in nature with shower as with affection and provide us with good companion ship even in our difficult time. They sense our mood easily and provide us comfort in their own language. They communicate with us with their eyes, gesture and the activities. Shih tzu is a friendly and loving dog which can be a great play partners for children. It is very active by nature and are very good pets for security purposes that also looks cute which make them all the more irresistible for us.

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