Shih Tzu Dog Background And Traits

Now a days pets are common in people life whether it is a cat, dog, rabbit or a guinea pig. Pets provide us a companion ship which no other person can provide us. Dogs are known to be human best friend as they can sense our emotion and provide us with their great companion ship even in our worst time. Shih tzu are the toy dog breed dog which are best known for their friendly and mischievous nature which can cheer your mood even in your worst life and can provide you with warm and affection. It is cute dog with teddy like soft fur which like to cuddle.

Background and traits

We have heard a lot about royalty and about a royal person but we did not have heard about a royal dog. Shih tzu is known to be the royal dog and in among other dogs it is known as prince. This dog has smooth and effortless strides, showing its good drive and reach, tail and head held high, an aristocratic demeanor and stubborn streak which gives away its royal bloodlines.  This dog is known to be one of the most ancient breed in existence in the scientific research. This little dog to known to be surrounded by myth some says it origin is in Tibet and some says it is in China but no one is sure.

This breed has beautiful colour coated fur such as white and gold, white and red, Golden with black mask, solid red, white and black, Black In solid, liver in solid, white and liver, white and blue, white and brindle, white and silver etc.This breed has some unique colour also which shows that it is a royalty like gold and white, black mask gold and silver and white. It is very famous dog for its beautiful look and proactive mind.

Health and cleanness

It has very long, soft and silky hair which can long enough even they not taken care of. Time to time its need proper trimming and only daily basis it need combing so that it do not become a matted mess. As Shih tzu is known for its beautiful coat so that you can leave the furs in natural state but it will need neatness and trimming around the anus and feet so it look clean and tidy not a fur ball. It also need to be bath daily make it the habit of bath from puppy hood so that you don’t have problem when it is grown up.

Facts about dogs

Dog are very friendly and loving creature that need our love and kindness and when given proper love in return the shower as with lots of affection. They generally like to play around, dig holes and some mischievous to gain their owner attention. They can be our best companion even in our worst time they will try to cheer you by making puppy like face or by playfully yapping at you. They understand our emotion very well even better than any human being. When they see any danger the become your protector.

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