Commmunicating with a Shih Tzu

The species which have been given the gift of communication by the nature use this ability to interact to different species and this tool comes in extremely handy especially in the world of the wilds. Even in case of the relationship between a man and his dog, although the ways of communication may be different, since a dog is very much considered a part of the family in the society that we reside in, one has to adapt to the other. So if you have a pet, say, a Shih Tzu, you would want to understand every sort of the noise he makes so that you understand the different sounds the way he expects you to. Although each bark may sound the same to you, understand the difference between a high and low tone bark. When your pooch is giving you low tone barks, he is trying to indicate that there is something uncommon in its environment and he wants you to take note of what he is observing. Whereas, with the high tone barks your Shih Tzu wants to grab your attention so that you look at him to see what he is trying to tell. When your dog makes a growling sound, it marks a warning as well as aggressiveness and to add to it, it is generally followed by the snapping of its teeth. It the dog’s way of sending warning signals of not to mess with him. Again, whining and howling are different and it is very important to understand the difference between the two to understand your dog’s mood better. Your pooch would make a whining sound when it is in some kind of pain or in discomfort and he would howl while communicating to other dogs. The pooch makes a yelping noise to indicate that it is crying. Do check on him in these situations as a pooch usually yelps in an accident or in some alarming situation.

There are actually innumerable ways in which you can understand your Shih Tzu. It is only experience and the time that you dedicate to your four legged friend which will make you understand him better with each passing day.

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