Choose the cutest Pet for yourself – The Shih Tzu Dog

The domestic dogs comes in member canis, the domestic dogs are also known a man’s best friend which they have earned through their friendly nature and companionship. A dog is a very faithful and loving animal which understand human language very easily and comply the order of their owner. The Shih tzu dog is a toy dog breed which are known for their loving, friendly and outgoing nature. Although its origin is unknown but it is said that it is originated from China. The meaning of Shih tzu is “mini lion” or ‘lion dog’ as it is originated in china. This sweet fury animal is built with solid and sound structure.

Traits and appearance

It is small fluffy animal with double coated long and soft fur. Shih tzu has a strong, sturdy and snuggly built. In male dog the height stands from 9 to 11 inch with weight 5 to 9 kilograms. Whereas in female dog the height stands from 8 to 10 inch with weight approximately 4.53 to 8.16 kilograms. They have longer body length compare to the height which is neither too short nor too long. These fluffy animal are coated in soft and long fur which generally reaches the floor. It has large dark eyes with flat ears which are totally covered in full, dense and lush silky hair.

All around friendliness

People tends to choose a pet which is affectionate to them but even if they raise a dog from puppyhood they don’t come out as affectionate. But Shih tzu is a very affectionate dog with loving and friendly nature and loves to be in a presence of people. Usually they are bought for children to play around and for snuggling and cuddling because it is very friendly and comfortable with human and bond very easily with its easy going nature. It has very calm nature that why is not dangerous to keep around kids.

It is also friendly towards other animals. It has generally sweet and calm with other breed dogs and do not create any trouble. It tends to get along with them without any complication. Whereas other dogs are feral with the cats or love to chase them off this dog is even quite friendly with the cats and even if they create trouble it obeys the order very obediently and back off from the trouble without any problem.

Keep in mind

Shih tzu are very fast learner and are very adaptive in nature. They are also very faithful. If they are trained properly from puppyhood they can be raised as an obedient dog. This dog shower you with love and affectionate if its personality should be guided by friendliness, buoyancy, tolerance, and trust. This dog need a little exercise and are easily adaptable in any place. It is an easily lovable dog which are generally adored by the children because it likes to cuddle and it follow them around the house and has an adorable fluffy and adorable look.

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