Caring a veteran Shih Tzu

Canine ages at a rapid rate compared to humans. A dog having reached the age of one year would have fully developed mentally and physically. That which takes 21 years or so in case of humans. Similarly at the age of 8 the canine would have reached old age. He or she would fall in the category of a veteran by now. As with human, your pet dog would be failing in many senses due this advanced age. The most common senses to show signs of deterioration earliest are hearing and sight. That your pet displays these signals and a change in its living style is very natural. You as the pet owner must have been mentally set up to take on the extra care that your pet now requires.

Making the space safe, in which the pet would be moving about is the first step to be taken to care a veteran pet dog. The pet owner could well think of fencing a part of the space with cushion placed to keep the pet from harming itself.

Carpet runners’ places about the house would enable to the veteran pet with limited sense of sight guiding itself from room to room. The sense of smell which is very dominant in a dog is always the instinct which the pet dog would use.

Spreading different odor about the house would help the dog to trace its path without crashing into any obstacles and hurting itself.

There are special gadgets like collars that give off vibration signals that help the dog to comprehend your directives. Also special wear is available that marks the dog as special for other people to understand and help if required.


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