Avoiding or pulling away from a dog fight

Dogs are by nature domestic, but in their wild natural form they have a tendency to fight each other to prove dominance. Taking your pet out for a walk or exercise could always have the danger of being involved in a fight with another dog. Could be a stray dog or a pet, the chances are equally strong. Given the small size of your Shih Tzu pet, it turns into a natural disadvantage against it. Such fights could prove very dangerous and therefore the first line of defence is to condition your pet to avoid such collisions.

Dogs may get into fight with others if your pet feels you the owner are nervous of another dog. It is best to keep yourself away from such situations where your pet Shih Tzu gets intimated with your nervousness.

Beware more of the middle breed class of pet dogs. Alpha dogs are less prone to indulge in fighting or reacting to another dog. The lower breed dogs due to their temperament and insecure feeling have a tendency to attack other dogs.

If yet your Shih Tzu does get involved in a fight with another dog, use water to stop the two from fighting. If the other dog has already set its teeth into the skin of your pet, pull the other dog by its tail or hind legs.

It is also advisable to use the body harness rather than the collar while taking your Shih Tzu for its walk as it is easier and less painful to your pet when being pulled away by its help.

Finally it is important to train your pet to behave docile and gentle as also under your command.

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