A winter coat for your Shih Tzu

While approaching winter brings the anticipated joy of winter sports to our mind, low temperature is something we have to brace ourselves for. While you can sense the drop in temperature, your pet Shih Tzu would not be expressing effects of this chill. You as the caring master or owner of the woolly bundle of joy have to know that they require additional protection. Even though the genetics of the breed originates from sub zero geographic regions, yet they are prone to ill effects with over exposure to cold weather conditions.

The most common effect noted on the species is dryness of skin leading to cracking and then onset of infection. Untreated the condition can be very worrisome for your Shih Tzu which would be borne silently.

The first and most important habit to be made during the winter months is to have a towel handy after taking your Shih Tzu for a walk. Rub off the moisture that collects on your Shih Tzu’s hair as well as maybe some icicles. It is also recommended that you cut your Shih Tzu’s hair just before onset of the chilly weather. Frequent bath of your Shih Tzu during these months is also to be avoided. The shampoo that you apply has a tendency to draw out the natural oil that is on your Shih Tzu. This oil acts as a deterrent to dry skin and skin flaking.

The next area of watching is the paws of your Shih Tzu.  Chemicals are spread on the snow to get them to melt. These chemicals have damaging effect on the paws of the Shih Tzu if left off.  Using boots for your Shih Tzu would not only provide the required protection but also give a touch of fashion and cuteness. Petroleum jelly applied on finger and toes also helps protect against snow related ill effects.

Chill does lessen our blood circulation and the same holds true for your Shih Tzu. A firm and regular brushing of the Shih Tzu’s fur coat would help revitalize the blood circulation process. Water is another aspect that must be kept in mind. The winter months makes us desire less intake of water which could lead to dehydration. Your Shih Tzu must be assured lots of drinking water and food to keep body temperature up.

Along with all these steps, your Shih Tzu requires extra warmth which only you can provide with love and care.

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